Sunday, August 19, 2012

How to get rid of CELULITE!!!

Cellulite is a disease that affects 85% to 98% of women worldwide, even actresses of the entertainment world are not the exception, this disease affects all races, and depends mainly on dietary habits and hormone levels, but mainly lies in the eating habits, which is often eaten: refined foods, sugar, cookies, sodas, chocolates, pastries, flour and so on.  
Eating this way, it stimulates a hormone called "insulin" which generates excess body fat through the junk food that is consumed everyday.Cellulite is more common in women than in men due to the production of female hormone estrogen, so women especially, should create healthier eating habits in order to avoid cellulite, plus a sports culture (exercise). These elements are essential to avoid starting from the bloom of youth with a body full of cellulite.Cellulite or "orange peel" that corrodes the female body even when the girls end up to become women, many of them with 16 years of age have this problem!. The good thing is that some are aware that this is a result of consuming junk food, lack of exercise and water; is well known that lack of exercise brings more adipose tissue naturally and as consequence, the odious cellulite.

Another factor contributing to this health problem are extreme diets, where women fail to consume calories, and in turn protein and other important nutrients are not being consumed and as a consequence they lose weight rapidly as the body loses muscle tissue and increases the proportion of fat, also poor blood circulation by not exercising, imagine the evil that you are giving your wonderful body!!

There are 4 types of the dreaded cellulite ranging from first grade or "emerging" that appears in adolescence or perhaps later, to the most serious Level 3 or 4 that it does not go away unless you do something radical and definitive like a lifestyle change.

Here at Herbalife help is available to help you change gradually your nutritional habits, we help you streamline the process of your health goals through personally coaching and specific nutritional products that for more than 3 decades have been helpful to millions of people around the world, below I present a video of a wonderful product that has helped many of my clients to control cellulite, check it out and send me a message telling me that you already are using it. ( will help with feeding tips of nutrition totally free for you to combine what you are currently doing with what you're about to discover with Herbalife, you will feel great, more energetic, well-being and most importantly your appearance will change drastically, imagine the body you want .. . with Herbalife you can make it happen, take care yourself you deserve it because you are special and wonderful just an splendid work of God.

For me it is a pleasure to help you manage your health, write me with any questions or comments you have or simply "like" my facebook page, where periodically I update nutrition tips health and wellness. 

I wish you the best of health

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