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Nanotechnology Solution, Sanki Belage and Kronuit

"Anyone who knows there is an antidote to prevent evil or an accident and do not share it, not only falls into a sin by omission but also in an ethical and moral responsibility" 
 -Dr Humberto Rodriguez - Eng Ph. D.

The benefits below we may not share them with people we do not know, but what about our own family and loved friends?

The elixir of  "eternal youth" has been a common theme among our society and among many changing trends, the fact is that we have an individual task: to modernize ourselves, and precisely in this sense today I want to introduce you to Sanki, which comes from the Japanese vocabulary word meaning "San" (respect) and "Ki" (spiritual force).

With Franco -Japanese high technology after years of scientific research, Sanki has developed a system solution for two of the most important challenges in the Human Health Care: Excessive oxidative stress and sugar in our body which has triggered a number of chronic-degenerative diseases and metabolic syndrome which today is very large in the Americas, as well as premature aging and more than 265 diseases such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, cancer, arthritis, gastritis, colitis, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease, autism, high cholesterol and triglycerides to name a few cases.

Modern Statistical studies indicate that both the weight of a person as well as too many diseases are developed in such a tiny part of the cells called Mitochondria. Mitochondria is responsible for providing most of the energy needed for cellular activity and they act as power plants of the cells which facilitates the reproduction of the same healthy energetic cells, therefore a better health for us for much more years.

Sanki uses a patented system of
ascertained efficacy called Nano biotechnology no creams, ointments, cunt, droplets, juices or pills but just two simple sachets orally consumed, one in the morning and another at night, this hand in hand combo has proven bio efficacy of these Nutraceuticals in just 20 minutes after having used it! thus improving the micro circulation from this moment and as a result: our body's well-being.

Sanki uses no direct antioxidants or synthetic or any other foodstuff.

Sanki promotes the production of our own bodies' enzymes called Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD) , Catalase, and Glutathione which are the three most important enzymes and responsible in our body to protect inside the cell. (Our own body's super antioxidants).


Science had tried to do this over the last 25 years, but because of the big molecular composition of different nutrients this achievement had been impossible to do, but thank God for human intelligence, TODAY IT IS POSSIBLE!!! With this Nutraceutical powder which is an assistance to the mitochondria, it is like a tune up for your car regardless if it is new or old you know that tuning up your car it will run much better protecting it from the wear and tear.

What is Sanki Belage ?
Sanki Mayor Innovations In-vivo Ltd.

 It is a Nutraceutical powder dissolved in 500ml of water with an innovative system that provides controlled release ADS® (Advance Delivery System) natural antioxidants into the cells through the bloodstream of the human body that was developed by scientists in Japan and France. The results are immediate just 20 minutes after taking it, experiencing changes like more awareness, vitality and energy.

It is recommended to take at least 6 packets, for 6 days being very watchful, some of these changes showed by people who already took these products are: very relaxed revitalizing sleep, the vision is clearer, they feel lighter legs and arms, skin and hair seen more silky, others have shown more tolerance to stress, among many other benefits.
Olive + Rosemary. After 15 years of research, the Japanese Sanki Mayor Fraco - associated laboratory Sanki, developed one of the most revolutionary active ingredients, Orisod® Complex. It is a high technology compound antioxidant 100 % obtained from purified extracts of Olive and Rosemary. Orisod ® is not only a molecule, is a bio active complex compound containing antioxidant phenols obtained from plant extracts. It plays it's high level of efficiency and effectiveness in the human body due to a Controlled Release System ADS® (Advance Delivery System). The ADS® Active Ingredients Antioxidants leads to the site where they are most effective : the cells within the body, specifically the mitochondria. More than 90 % of free radicals are generated by metabolism in the mitochondria of cells. With ADS®, Active Ingredients are able to neutralize those free radicals right on the spot where the damage eventually cause bad health. The Olive and Rosemary are produced in the South of France (Toulouse) and Spain (Alicante) Mediterranean areas with direct exposure to the sun and clean air allow these plants to grow in an ideal condition for human consumption. 

What is Sanki Kronuit ?
Sanki Mayor Innovations In-vivo Ltd.

It is a Nutraceutical powder dissolved in 250 ml of water, it's active ingredient is leader in Europe for over 5 years. It is a powerful tool in the treatment of Metabolic Syndrome, designed with Nanotechnology ADS® (Advanced Delivery System), with it's exclusive Formula leader in Europe : Oxylia | Night | Reset. 
Extra ingredient: Black Bean extracts combined with Olive and Rosemary.
The unique nutritional supplement created with nano biotechnology formula " Oxylia NR " reduce the absorption of sugar and carbohydrates during sleep.
Take one dosis daily diluted in 250ml of hot or cold water as a tea.  

Triple Action: 
Absorption inhibitor mechanism . NR Oxylia inhibits the activity of alpha-amylase in the digestion and absorption which regulates excess calories from sugar. 

Anti -glycemic activity:

Anthocyanins levels in nanotechnology pro shell black bean have shown strong properties that lower blood sugar and insulin after meals! Which means low insulin resistance. The antioxidants in active nano biotechnology Oxylia NR, protect pancreatic beta cells from oxidative stress induced by excess of glucose in the bloodstream.

Its main benefits are : 

Reduces the absorption of sugar and carbohydrates in the bloodstream. The glucose-insulin system is enhanced by components Oxylia NR®. 
Decreases fat storage in the body. (Automated weight loss). Seize the natural rhythm of our body ( Chronobiology ) to provide wellness. Moderates the need for insulin, especially at night. Provides the most efficient antioxidant that fights free radicals at night.


In June 2013 , before an international audience we were major protagonists and recognized with honors in Geneva Switzerland by the World Organization for Peace (OMPP - WOFP) with "Worthy Prize 10 " and also the Honorable nomination for our founding partners SANKI as "Permanent Global ambassadors for Peace".

It has been an honor and source of personal pride that we were been able to project this together with SANKI , thanks for helping in the great task of helping to educate and spread a " Culture of Health Real Peace for a Better World". AND THIS! .... THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING ! ! 

Sanki products Got Kosher Certification: A stamp of quality and safety. Kosher means " PURE " or " RIGHT " in Hebrew, it is the system of quality control of food according to Jewish standards. However, today, it is a guarantee of high quality and hygiene. In order to get this certification, a rabbi, representing a certified laboratory inspects all activities in the company, from the selected raw materials through facilities, production processes and packaging to the sanitizing of equipment and machinery thanks to this comprehensive control all components of the product are free of contamination. Only once this rigorous inspection is passed, the certificate is delivered by a globally recognized entity. A Kosher certified product reaffirms it's warranty in any part of the world as excellence and quality to satisfy the increasingly demanding global market. 

Business Opportunity 

In Sanki anyone has the option of starting a business "turnkey" type franchise, because we tell you how to do it with a small initial investment (Less than US$500) and you can share the royalties with your friends and family. 

Our main goal is to earn money quickly and easily working from home using just your Phone and PC. 

We have a Comprehensive Wellness Program and a Compensation Plan that will allows you to earn commissions, bonuses, gifts, cars, trips and many other benefits.

This is not MLM sales, the system Sanki uses is called "Referral Marketing" allowing you to make money from home without having an inventory or having to purchase high volume points every month to qualify. 
You just need commitment with yourself for success, positive attitude and a huge desire to achieve your dreams.

From the beginning , you have immediate support for you to develop your full potential. Through our Comprehensive Wellness Program where you will receive training, courses and diplomas that will allow you to increase your skills and accelerate your earnings .

 Success has always been what man has in mind when starting any project and that is why in Sanki we always will give you support which helps you to get what you really want.
You get paid cash every week (Friday) of all commissions that are generated in the network. 

Look carefully for the next video know how Network Marketing works:

Talking about business we navigate on a blue ocean:

Award for the Best Slimming Ingredient
Issued in Paris in June 2003 by the French Society of Antioxidants:

Dr. Marvin Edeas: President and Founder of International Society of Antioxidant of Nutrition and Health ISANH

Http:// /
Since 1989.

President and Founder of Société Française des Antioxydants:
Dr. BejitEdeas..

Doctor in Nutrition and  Biology University Paris Francia,  pos grade in Biotechnology University of Nancy Francia,  President of the Internacional Society of antioxidant Nutrition and Health of Japon日本抗酸化学会
Ex - scientific director of Institute Luis Pasteur in Japan, Member of the Scientific Committee of the American Anti-aging Society. Founder and ex-president of the Stevia World Organization.
President of NINAFHARM

El Dr. Bejit Edeas is the current President and  scientific director of Sanki Mayor In-Vivo Innovations Ltd

The official launch in the USA of our company will be in Las Vegas NV this October 2014.

Sanki Global LTD 6720 Via Austi Parkway Suite 450, Las Vegas NV. USA.

For business partnership you can contact me directly here:
-Saúl Alonso. 

Free information reading our website at:
Business Development and Innovation

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