Friday, July 25, 2014

Positive afirmation for life

I am letting go of the need to keep up appearances or to project an impressive self-image. I notice that I am more willing to appear as I am, without pretense, and no matter how unflattering. As I settle into reality of myself with pride in my gifts and unabashed awareness of my limits, I noticed that I more easily access happiness, humanity and wisdom.

I admire certain people, alive or dead, who represent the ideals I cherish, I see them not as idols but as models of what I can accomplish and mirrors of my own potential.

I see my own love and wisdom as gifts, spiritual energies that do not come from me but act through me. I say thanks for these encouraging graces and yes to the stirring call to live up to them.

The painful events in life have an impact on me but they no longer impinge on my serenity. I look for ways to remain secure within myself. It can help me grow.

As I struggle with regret or self-reproach because of my mistakes I have made in my life, I am no longer ashamed of my fallibility. I am more kind toward myself.  I take all my errors as learning experiences so I can do better in the future. I make amends whatever I can. My mistakes are becoming a valuable passport to humility and to tender compassion do it myself and others.

I noticed that my behavior and choices no longer have to be quite so determined by what others may think of me. I am giving up any attempts to get others to accept or love me. I do not change myself in order to fit in. I am intent on portraying myself as I am, no matter what the reaction of others.

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